Elvis Picnik Collage v016_Cinematic

Elvis Picnik Collage v016_Cinematic
Originally uploaded by fc3arch

This collage is a tribute to Elvis Presley who between 1953 and 1977 performed and/or recorded over 800 of his songs. There’s an Elvis Song for every occasion. His date of birth is January 8, 1935.

Special Thanks to Greg Hergert for his Elvis sketch!

Visit Greg’s Blog by clicking here.

(Also used in this collage: A B&W Elvis Portrait and Jail House Rock Elvis found on web without any credits.)

To view more images in the “Elvis-75” set click here.

Created: 07 Jan 2010
Copyright © 2010 Frank Cunha III & Gregory Hergert


4 Comments on “Elvis Picnik Collage v016_Cinematic”

  1. greg hergert says:

    Frank great work!almost Elvis libido speed!


  2. fc3arch says:

    Keep shakin' them hips….Thx Greg….


  3. Ciao Frank:Like Elvis, You're very well rounded { And, I do not mean that in a physical sense-}, grounded, & Cultured. I admire that in you my friend!-Happiness Always,Tana


  4. fc3arch says:

    Thx Tana, You are too sweet, thanks for following me. I appreciate your critical feedback.Always,-FC3


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