(Being) RICH

Being wealthy means different things to different people. I was brought up believing that great family and friends is what matters most. Our deepest riches come from the times we share with one another and the memories we make. This snapshot represents the celebration of new year’s eve with the people I call my family. I am happy to be blessed with such Riches….

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Created: 01 Jan 2010
Copyright © 2010 Frank Cunha III


4 Comments on “(Being) RICH”

  1. So simply well put. Too bad, most have no exact idea which are the true delights & gifts in life. As well, as which are not and lead to corruption, pain, and constant conflict.Tis, nothing materialistic could be carried with you- to another time. However, a memory is like gold eternally stamped forever in the mind.I just made that quote up, just for this particular blog of yours.Keep writing. The art flows from your mind elegantly.-Happy Riches,Tana


  2. fc3arch says:

    Thanks Tana! I appreciate the encouragement and support from all my friends, close and far! Keep doing everything that you love!!!We must cherish what we now have, because we never know when we will take our last breathe.The things we remember in our life when we take time to reflect our the things we hold closest to our hearts! These are the things we must do to live and be happy, the other things we do because we have to.


  3. Spoken like a true wise soul, Frank!! Unfortunately, the last part of your comment —-> "The what we have to do,' –makes many in life hardened, mean, pessimistic, negative, & sad walking entities.I think personally, as I have turned a year older- I reflected on things that as a younger person never even thought nor fathomed about. It is mind boggling for me, to even wonder how, why, and when we all leave this life time. I am left empty just trying to translate the meaning to my mind. It is a question, that millions of souls attempted to answer they themselves- in each collected years of time-for the golden answer- of where we go after this life ends….. I think the answer is not after we leave-that is all important–for it is before we leave that really takes presidence.Hence, which brings me to say, that it is important that we leave behind good legacies, & definitely positive lives-touched by us as individuals- that mark the importance for the remaining ones. Like the Egyptian's so skillfully worried about the after life—and planned their whole living ONLY in dedication for the preparation's of their Tomes. That makes absolute no sane sense to me. What good is that?? While we may all transport else where in another dimensions, { perhaps ? } I cannot 100 percent support that–in the mean time; to me, it is more important to do the works of good for the here and now..Not what is far off in a supposed another Universe, time zone, some port hole of warped time zone, or galaxy…or insert your own label _______________??-I am left with, what a nice gift it was to find friends like you { for me personally} –Unseen- yet, still you touch others with the spirit of what you love and do…That is the difference that I speak of, and you makeCongratulation's for living the dream. For touching other's far & near…and for still having the youthful hearted spirit to touch the young ones…that's a treasure beyond words spoken heard or unheard.-Sorry if I babble lots—it's what I do…Ha!


  4. Happy New Year !!!2010 New Year's Fireworks show http://fireworks2010.blogspot.com/


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